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Guangdong Hengyu Precision Carton Machinery Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Heng Yu company") is a professional R & D, manufacturing and sales of carton packaging machinery, manufacturing services for first-class carton enterprises. Heng Yu company each product according to European standards of design and production, high-grade printing slotting die-cutting machine domestic industry with the most accurate and stable product performance, the highest efficiency and most popular, the most perfect service customer service manufacturing service companies. The pursuit of excellence, originality made, for the majority of top carton enterprises at home and abroad to provide high-quality products and services is the responsibility and mission handy-u, to "Heng Yu", win-win world! The main products: HL full computer / print type stick box line; HS type computer controlled water printing grooving and cutting machine (full adsorption printing type); HD type computer control water-based printing slotting die-cutting machine (printed, self-locking); HT type full sized computer water-based printing slotting die-cutting machine.