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Packaging carton factory why do not advocate a large area of watermark printing?

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Carton customers often hear this kind of words, "do not recommend a large area of printing" or "can not do a large area of printing," this is why?
First, a large area of printing will increase production costs, the first version of the ink with the ink will increase the amount of direct production costs. Secondly, the rejection rate will increase, indirectly increase the cost.
Second, the requirements of the board is relatively high, the level of raw materials are not the same, resulting in a cardboard corrugated, hard, soft, will affect the printing of cardboard. Is it better to choose a better board? This I understand a little, the impact of the board by the weather humidity, the amount of more or less impact, there will be cardboard is not smooth, and slightly uneven, cardboard factory is not returned.
Third, the strict requirements of the printing press. In this way, the general carton printing machinery factory around 200 thousand. Can make a good effect of large area printing presses about 8 million.
So if there is no way to print large area?
The answer is to choose a line of cardboard, carton plant, which can direct intervention of cardboard production, of course this unit is the thesetrequirements. Like SF is the way to go.
So if the amount is not so big?
It can only choose ink printing, because the ink printing is the first pattern printed on a piece of paper, put the paper on the corrugated, so as to avoid the impact of the corrugated printing. Of course, this will increase the price of cartons.
If the watermark is directly printed on the paper, in the corrugated line?
In theory, in the past, but still the problem of watermarking machinery, general watermark machinery can not be printed on paper, the paper is too thin.

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